Dataman Package Definitions

Semiconductor devices come in different packages and sizes. We present here a list of package definitions:

BGA - Ball Grid Array

CBGA - Ceramic Ball Grid Array

CSP - Chip Scale Package

DFN - Dual Flat No Lead

DFP - Dual Flat Package

DIL - Dual In-Line

DIP - Dual In-Line Package

EBGA - Enhanced Ball Grid Array

FPBGA - Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array

LCBGA - Low Cost Ball Grid Array

LFBGA - Leadless Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array

LGA - Land Grid Array

LQFP - Low-Profile Quad Flat Package

MLF - Micro Lead Frame

MQFP - Metric Quad Flat Package

MSOP - Mini Small-Outline Package

PBGA - Plastic Ball Grid Array

PFBGA - Plastic Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array

PGA - Pin Grid Array

PLCC - Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier

PPGA - Plastic Pin Grid Array

PQFP - Plastic Quad Flat Package

PSOP - Plastic Small-Outline Package

QFN - Quad Flat Package No Lead

QFP - Quad Flat Package

QIP - Quadruple In-Line Package

QSOP - Quarter-Size Small-Outline Package

SDIP - Shrink Dual In-Line Package

SIP - Single In-line Package

SOIC - Small-Outline Integrated Circuit

SOP - Small Outline Package

SOT23 - Small-Outline Transistor Plastic Package

SQFP - Shrink Quad Flat Package

SSOP - Shrink Small-Outline Package

TFBGA - Thin-Profile Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array

TQFN - Thin Quad Flat Package with No Lead

TQFP - Thin Quad Flat Package

TSOP - Thin Small-Outline Package

TSQFP - Thin Shrink Quad Flat Package

TSSOP - Thin Shrink Small-Outline Package

TVSOP - Thin Very Small-Outline Package

UBGA - Micro Ball Grid Array

VQFN - Very Small Quad Flat No Pins

VQFP - Very Thin Quad Flat Package

VSOP - Very Small Outline Package

VTQFP - Very Thin Quad Flat Package

VTSOP - Very Thin Small Outline Package

WSOP - Very Very Thin Small-Outline Package