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Dataman 531 Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Quick Overview

Single channel arbitrary waveform generator with USB 2.0 connectivity. Dataman 531 is a small, fast and powerful arbitrary waveform generator offering many advanced features.

The 531 is built to meet the demands of development labs and field engineers for advanced PC based arbitrary waveform generation.

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Dataman 531 Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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  • USB 2.0/1.1 compatible interface
  • Fast low level output
  • High level output (up to 50Vpp and 200 kHz)
  • 12 bit DA converter
  • Maximum sampling rate: 100 MS/s
  • Powered from USB (external power is required for high level operation only)


  • Number of channels: 1
  • Number of outputs: 2, low and high level (L and H)
  • Max. output voltage, output L, no load:
    • -4.5V to 4.5V (9Vpp) attenuator set to 0 dB
    • -450mV to 450mV (900mVpp) attenuator set to -20 dB
  • Max. output voltage, output H, no load: -25V to 25V (50Vpp)
  • Recommended range of output voltage setting, output L, no load:
    • 800mVpp to 9Vpp attenuator set to 0 dB
    • 80mVpp to 900mVpp attenuator set to -20 dB
  • Recommended range of output voltage setting, output H, no load: 4.6Vpp to 50Vpp
  • Output voltage setting step, output L, no load:
    • o less than 2.5mV (attenuator set to 0 dB)
    • less than 250uV (attenuator set to -20 dB)
  • Output voltage setting step, output H, no load: less than 13mV
  • Output voltage setting accuracy:
    • Output L: +-2% from the actual value in recommended range up to 10 MHz
    • Output H: +-2.5% from actual value in recommended range up to 100 kHz
    • +-5% from 100 kHz to 200 kHz
  • Output voltage shift range, output L, no load:
    • +-1.5V attenuator set to 0 dB
    • +-150mV attenuator set to -20 dB
  • Output voltage shift range, output H, no load: +-8V
  • Shift setting accuracy, output L: +-1.5% from whole range
  • Shift setting accuracy, output H: +-2% from whole range
  • Output resistance, output L: 50Ohm
  • Output resistance, output H: 600Ohm
  • Output resistance accuracy, output L:
    • +-1.5% attenuator set to 0dB
    • +2%, -0.5%, attenuator set to -20 dB
  • Output resistance accuracy, output H: +-1.5%
  • Filter: Settable to 20 MHz, 40 MHz or off
  • Output pulse edge length, output L: less than 10 ns, filter off
  • Output pulse edge length, output H: less than 2.5 us
  • Short circuit protection: Unlimited

Waveform Generation

  • Waveform memory length: 8192 samples in standard mode, maximally 16384 samples in arbitrary mode
  • Frequency setting step: less than 0.003% from actual value
  • Frequency accuracy: 0.01% from actual value
  • Maximum output update rate: 100 000 000 samples/s
  • Output waveform period length:
    • Output L: 2 mHz to 50 MHz (to 10 MHz with accuracy of 2.5%) (the period consists of two points when the output frequency is between 25 MHz to 50 MHz)
    • Output H: 2 mHz to 200 kHz
  • Modes of operation: Periodic, single or triggered


  • Trigger input: 3.3V CMOS compatible
  • Trigger input threshold voltage: about 1.6V
  • Trigger input maximum input range: -10V to +13V
  • Trigger output: 3.3V CMOS compatible´╗┐

User Interface

The included software allows complete control of the device from a PC and contains standard features expected in modern arbitrary waveform generators (AWG).
In order to keep the device functions up to date, the latest version of the software is always available on our website free of charge and runs in demonstration mode if no device is connected to the PC.

Main Screen

All basic controls are easily accessible directly from the main window making waveform generation similar to that of a stand-alone device.

Most parameters can be set by dragging items on the main screen such as Vpp, Vrms and Vavg.

Waveform Editors

The waveforms can be created/edited by integrated editors.

  • The standard waveform creator allows you to create standard waveforms such as Sine, Saw, Triangle, Square or noise and alter their parameters.
  • The math editor allows you to describe the waveform (whole or part) by the mathematic expression.
  • The freeform editor allows you to edit the shape of the waveform by drawing it on the screen.
  • The data can be imported from third-party software through ASCII format. Import from the ASCII (with configurable format) is available for this purpose.

Optional software is available: 530 Development kit, which allows you to write your own application using the device.´╗┐

  • Dataman 531 Arbitrary Waveform Generator
    • Dimensions: 182 x 111 x 39mm (7.1 x 4.3 x 1.5inches)
    • Weight: 0.5Kg (1.1lbs)
    • Operating voltage: 480mA
    • Power consumption: max. 1.2W active
  • Switching Power Adapter
    • Operating voltage: 10-18V DC / max. 0.5A
    • Power consumption: max. 2.25W active
  • Moulded USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Software
    • Compatible with Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

The Dataman 531 arbitrary waveform generator comes with:

  • 30 day money back guarantee* - If you don't like it, send it back.
  • Two year guarantee - Two years parts and labour warranty, on the 531 arbitrary waveform generator.
  • Life-Time Technical Support - 531 technical support is available free via our website and telephone helpdesk for life.
  • Life-Time Software Updates - 531 software updates are available free via our website for life.

*Applies to orders from UK/US offices only.´╗┐