Stand-Alone Multiprogramming System - Dataman 848Pro

Dataman 848Pro is an extremely fast universal 8 x 48-pindrive stand-alone multiprogramming system designed for high volume production programming with minimal operator effort. The chips are programmed at near theoretical maximum programming speed. The programmer consists of 8 independent isolated universal programming modules, based on the popular single site Dataman 48Pro+ programmer hardware. Each programming module starts programming at the moment the chip is detected to be inserted in the socket properly - independently of the status of other programming modules. Therefore seven programming modules work while the operator is replacing the programmed chip at the eighth.

The Graphics control unit with touch screen provides basic information about the programming flow and allows basic level of control of the Dataman 848Pro programmer. Modular construction of hardware allows continuing operation when a part of the circuit becomes inoperable. It also makes service quick and easy. The operator merely removes the finished chip and inserts a new chip. Operator training is therefore minimised.

Dataman 848Pro supports all silicon technologies of today and tomorrows programmable devices without family-specific modules. The programmer features an extensive library of over 44,000 devices. The 848Pro’s device library is constantly being updated. The user can be sure that future device support require only the free software update and (if necessary) a simple package converter (programming adapter), therefore the ownership costs are minimised.

An important feature of the Dataman 848Pro is its programming speed. It provides very fast programming due to high-speed FPGA driven hardware and execution of time-critical routines inside the programmer. As a result the programmer waits for an operator, but not the operator for a programmer. Dataman 848Pro provides very competitive price coupled with excellent hardware design for reliable programming. Probably the best "value for money" programmer in this class.

Dataman 848Pro Dataman 848Pro Software

Dataman offer an unmatched 3 year warranty on this programmer as standard.