New Super Fast Universal Programmer – Dataman 48Pro2

Dataman, the world’s leading provider of device programmers, has recently released a new 48-pin universal programmer which currently supports more than 52,000 devices. Since programming times are faster than ever before, this new product will appeal not only to the community of hardware developers, but also to small and medium sized manufacturers.

The 48Pro2 is an enhanced version of the popular 48Pro+ universal programmer. The company’s target was to optimize this product for fast programming of high density memories which has been achieved through the use of a much more powerful FPGA based core inside the programmer. The 48Pro2 is able to program NAND and NOR Flash memories up to 70% faster than its predecessor.

 Dataman 48Pro2 Dataman 48Pro2 Software 

The programmer is a perfect solution for both developers and manufacturers who program devices in higher quantities. It reliably programs a wide range of programmable chips in the ZIF socket (more than 800 models of socket converters are available) as well as through the ISP connector. Dataman’s programmer software allows up to eight 48Pro2 programmers or its predecessors (48Pro+/48Pro) to be connected and operated from one PC making for a very flexible production solution. Furthermore, as a whole it works as a concurrent multiprogramming system. As a result, each programmer can work independently and when necessary, program different types of chip. This solution saves user’s time and also funds needed for staff and hardware.

The 48Pro2 is not only a programmer, but also a tester of TTL/CMOS logic ICs and memories. In addition, the programmer performs device insertion tests (wrong or backward position) and contact checks (poor contact pin-to-socket) before it programs each device. These capabilities, supported by overcurrent protection and signature-byte check, minimize the possibility of chip damage due to operator error.

As mentioned earlier, the programming speed increase for serial and parallel NAND and NOR Flash memories means, in absolute numbers, that the 48Pro2 can program and verify a 64 Mbit NOR Flash in less than 13s and program and verify NAND Flash of the same size in less than 123s. The 48Pro2's programming times are comparable to competing programmers claiming to offer “ultra-fast programming speed” and costing up to 50% more.

Dataman continues its tradition of manufacturing high quality products and provides a unique worldwide 3 year warranty with this programmer. Updates to the programmer software, including new device support, are available from the Dataman website free of charge. Dataman focuses on providing flexible support and releases new software for 48-pin programmers on average every two working days.