New Programming Adapters Launched

Dataman has launched over 25 new universal, specialised and BGA/LGA programming adapters adding support for a wide range of new devices.

Universal Adapters
DIL28W/TSSOP28 ZIF 170mil (id)Universal adapter for devices in TSSOP28
DIL16/QFN16-2.1 ZIFUniversal adapter for devices in UQFN16 4x4x0.5mm

Specialised Adapters
DIL48/PLCC68 ZIF PLD-4Device specific adapter for CPLD AMD / Lattice / Vantis MACH221 in PLCC68
DIL48/QFN24-1.02 ZIF MSP430-2Device specific adapter for TI MSP430FR2532 / MSP430FR2632 in VQFN24
DIL48/QFN24-1.02 ZIF MSP430-3Device specific adapter for TI MSP430FR2433 in QFN24
DIL48/QFN32-1.02 ZIF nRF-3Device specific adapter for Nordic Semiconductor nRF52810 in QFN32
DIL48/QFN40-1.02 ZIF TPS40-1Device specific adapter for TI TPS40428 in QFN40
DIL48/QFN48-2.02 ZIF EC-1Device specific adapter for ConvenientPower Systems EC8010 in QFN48
DIL48/QFN48-2.02 ZIF TPS53-1Device specific adapter for TI SN1701021 / TPS53678 in VQFN48
DIL48/QFP100-1.02 ZIF LPC-10Device specific adapter for NXP LPC54616J512BD100 in LQFP100
DIL48/QFP100-1.02 ZIF R5F-20Device specific adapter for Renesas R5F524UxxxFP devices in LFQFP100
DIL48/QFP144-1.02 ZIF TMPM369-1Device specific adapter for Toshiba TMPM369FDFG in LQFP144
DIL48/QFP64-1.02 ZIF ARM-8Device specific adapter for Microchip ATSAMG55J19x-AU devices in LQFP64 10x10
DIL48/QFP64-1.02 ZIF ARM-9Device specific adapter for Microchip SAMD51J20A in TQFP64
DIL48/QFP64-1.03 ZIF-CS A33-1Device specific adapter for Abov A33G526 in LQFP64
DIL48/QFP64-1.04 ZIF-CS R5F-2Device specific adapter for Renesas R8C family in LQFP64
DIL48/SOIC8 ZIF CY-2Device specific adapter for Cypress PSoC4000 family / similar devices in SOIC8
DIL48/SOIC8-150 ZIF MLX-1Device specific adapter for Melexis MLX81108 in SOIC8
DIL48/SOP18 ZIF Module 3D Plus SFlash-1Device specific adapter for 3D-Plus modules SPI Nor Flash SPINNER / SPECIAL
DIL48/TSSOP14 ZIF STM32Device specific adapter for STMicroelectronics STM32 family in TSSOP14
DIL48/WLCSP20-1 ZIF Kinetis-2Device specific adapter for Freescale / NXP MKL03Z32 in WLSCP20

BGA/LGA Adapters
BGA-Bottom-219Bottom board of BGA adapter for Lattice Platform Manager devices in ftBGA208
BGA-Bottom-442Bottom board of BGA adapter for STMicroelectronics STM32L45x / STM32L46x devices in WLCSP64
BGA-Bottom-445Bottom board of BGA adapter for Renesas R7FS5D97CxA01CBG in LFBGA176
BGA-Bottom-472Bottom board of BGA adapter for Cypress CY8C6247BZI-D54 in BGA124
BGA-Bottom-476Bottom board of BGA adapter for CPLD / FPGA Intel / Altera MAX10 single power supply in UBGA324
BGA-Top-426 ZIF-CSTop board of BGA adapter for ZIF BGA64