New Programming Adapters Launched

Dataman has launched over 30 new specialised and BGA/LGA programming adapters adding support for a wide range of new devices.

Specialised Adapters
DIL24/QFN24-1.02 ZIF CY-1Device specific adapter for Cypress CY7C65210-24LT in QFN24
DIL32/LQFP32 ZIF MC9S-2Device specific adapter for Freescale MC9S08RNxx devices in LQFP32
DIL48/PQFN24 ZIF-CS CHIL-1Device specific adapter for IR IR38163 / IR38165 / IR38363 / IR38365 in PQFN24
DIL48/QFN40-1.02 ZIF GP3Device specific adapter for Qorvo GP870 devices in QFN40
DIL48/QFN40-2.02 ZIF ISL-2Device specific adapter for Intersil devices in QFN40
DIL48/QFN40-3.01 ZIF-CS TPS549-1Device specific adapter for TI TPS549D22 in QFN40
DIL48/QFN48-1.02 ZIF ARM-4Device specific adapter for Atmel ATSAM4L devices in QFN48
DIL48/QFN48-1.02 ZIF EFM-1Device specific adapter for Silicon Laboratories EFM32 / EFR32 devices in QFN48
DIL48/QFN48-1.02 ZIF LT-1Device specific adapter for Linear Technology LTC3884 in QFN48
DIL48/QFN48-1.02 ZIF TLE-2Device specific adapter for Infineon TLE9842-2QX in QFN48
DIL48/QFN56-1.02 ZIF CHIL-4Device specific adapter for IR IR3567B in QFN56
DIL48/QFP100 ZIF H8-2Device specific adapter for Hitachi / Renesas HD64F36109GH in LQFP100
DIL48/QFP100-7.03 ZIF-CS MN101-1Device specific adapter for Panasonic MN101EF29G in QFP100
DIL48/QFP128 ZIF PLD-1Device specific adapter for CPLD Lattice ispLSI 5000VE in TQFP128
DIL48/QFP144-1.02 ZIF FM4-1Device specific adapter for Cypress / Spansion S6E2Cx / S6E2Gx family in LQFP144
DIL48/QFP160 ZIF-CS PLD-5Device specific adapter for Altera EPM7192S in PQFP160
DIL48/QFP32-1.04 ZIF AC3-1Device specific adapter for ABOV AC30M1364 in LQFP32
DIL48/QFP48-1.02 ZIF CY-1Device specific adapter for Cypress PSoC4 family / similar devices in QFP48, 0.5mm pitch
DIL48/QFP48-1.02 ZIF MAXQ-1Device specific adapter for Maxim MAX79356 in LQFP48
DIL48/QFP64-1.02 ZIF MSP430-4Device specific adapter for TI MSP430FR58xx/59xx devices in QFP64
DIL48/QFP80-1.03 ZIF R5F-5Device specific adapter for Renesas R5F524TxAxFF devices in LQFP80
DIL48/SOP68 ZIF MR-1 3D-PlusDevice specific adapter for 3D-plus NATHAN module 3DMR8M32VS8420 in SOP68
DIL48/TSOP50 ZIF Module 3D Plus NAND-1aDevice specific adapter for NAND Flash modules from 3D Plus with SOP50 / SOP48 module pinout
DIL8/BGA22-1 ZIF SFlash-1Device specific adapter for Serial Flash devices in WLCSP22
DIL8/BGA32-1 ZIF-CS SFlash-1Device specific adapter for Serial SPI Flash devices in WLCSP32
DIL8/QFN8-1 ZIF SFlash-3Device specific adapter for Fidelix Serial Flash FM25M4SA in 6x5mm WSON9

BGA/LGA Adapters
BGA-Bottom-376Bottom board of BGA adapter for CPLD / FPGA Altera MAX10 in matrix 16x16
BGA-Bottom-386Bottom board of BGA adapter for STMicroelectronics STM32 devices in UFBGA132, matrix 12x12
BGA-Bottom-421Bottom board of BGA adapter for Microsemi SmartFusion2 devices in matrix 16x16
BGA-Bottom-433Bottom board of BGA adapter for Renesas R7F701406 in BGA272
BGA-Bottom-437Bottom board of BGA adapter for FPGA devices LatticeECP2 in BGA256
BGA-Top-387 ZIF-CSTop board of BGA adapter for ZIF BGA144
BGA-Top-400 ZIFTop board of BGA adapter for ZIF BGA416