New Generation Universal ISP Programmers

Dataman has launched a new range of truly universal programmers built to meet the demands to support all device technologies. The new programmers all have a USB2 interface, which will particularly suit the needs of those engineers who prefer to use a laptop for program development.

Dataman 40Pro

The Dataman-40Pro is a small, fast and portable programmer with a 40 pin socket designed to support a wide range of memory and logic devices, including the latest low voltage chips. It is ideal for the engineer on-the-move who needs to set up his working environment quickly in a small space.

Dataman 48Pro+

The Dataman-48Pro+ is for engineers who want the best programming speeds and need to cover the widest possible range of memory and logic parts. It supports over 37,700 devices, from 5 volts down to 1.5 volts.

Large quantities of chips can be programmed more quickly by connecting multiple 48Pro+ programmers to the same PC. This setup will work either as a gang programmer or to program chips with different data simultaneously.

Dataman 448Pro+

The Dataman-448Pro+ is built to meets the demands of high volume production programming with minimal operator effort. The Dataman-448Pro+ features four independent universal programming modules with support for over 37,500 devices.

Dataman 848Pro

The Dataman-848Pro is the top of range eight gang programmer. It is one of the fastest programmers worldwide in this category at the moment and can program 64Mbit NOR Flash memory in less than 46 seconds and 1Gbit NAND Flash in less than 120 seconds. With a PC inside the programmer driven by Windows XP Embedded and a touch screen display means this programmer can run completely stand alone.

All these Dataman programmers have in System Programming (ISP) connectors with a JTAG interface, which can program chips whilst still inside the end target system.

The new programmers are operated from an easy to use Windows interface. Software to cover new chips is released every 2-3 weeks and may be freely downloaded from Dataman’s website

To show their confidence in these new products Dataman is covering them for a 3 year warranty period.