Dataman Vali-Flash 4.1 License Transfer/Removal

License Transfer

If you want to transfer the license to another computer or if you want to remove the license for any reason please follow this procedure. Launch Dataman Vali-Flash and go to the Help menu and select License Manager... You will be presented with the following dialog.

Screen Shot

In order to process a license transfer you must remove the active license and request a new code. Once you remove the license you will be given a remove code. This remove code will be used to generate a new activation code on another computer. Enter your activation code and click on the remove license button. If you are unable to locate your activation code please take a look at the file ("license.TXT") which will have that number recorded.

Once you confirm that you are sure that you want to remove the license, Vali-Flash will issue a remove code as follows.

Screen Shot

This code is also updated in the file ("License.TXT") for easier management.

The license removal process will not delete or un-install Vali-Flash. It will just make Vali-Flash expire and it will generate different site code. This new site code will require a new activation code in order to unlock or activate Vali-Flash. If you want to completely remove Vali-Flash you will have to go to Add/Remove programs and remove it from there.

In order to transfer to a new computer you will need to begin the registration process as you did above. This time select the, "I am transferring to a new computer" option and enter the remove code.

When you are about to reinstall or perform a major upgrade (hardware or operating system) you will want to obtain a remove code in order to easily unlock/activate Vali-Flash on the new install. You will have to report the new and old codes and indicate what was changed on your system in order to request a new license. Provided the codes match and the MID code changes appropriately you will then your license will be reissued free of charge.

License Removal

The procedure is exactly the same as a license transfer, except you would not re-register the software and obtain a new license. Please see the section above for more information.