Dataman Vali-Flash 4.1 Definitions

Site Code

This is an 8-digit hexadecimal number that uniquely identifies a new install of Vali-Flash. When the license is removed or transferred this site code will change.

Activation or Init Code

This is a 32-character code used to initialize or unlock the application. The application will become licensed after the correct code in entered. The format is: xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx and dashes are required.

MID Code

This is the Machine ID code. This number is used to uniquely identify the system that Vali-Flash is installed on. The format is 16 hex-digits xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx with the included dashes.

Serial Number

This number uniquely identifies a particular copy of Vali-Flash. This 12-character code is required for online registration.

Removal code

This code is issued when the Vali-Flash license is removed. The format is (xxxxxxxx) or an 8-characture hex digit. This code is used for license transfers or for a credit of one license.

License Transfer

If you wish to install Vali-Flash on a different computer you will need to perform what is called a license transfer which will disable the current license and enable the license on a different computer.