Dataman Vali-Flash 3.0 Corrupt/Tampered/Missing Database

Corrupt, tampered or missing database error resulting in Vali-Flash 3.0 users receiving the following error:

  • "Corrupt, tampered or missing files" followed by "Re-install software or contact Dataman"

The most likely problem will be that you are missing the database file. Vali-Flash is unable to run without a database file. This file is called, "Valisig.dbf". It is located under "Program Files" and then "Vali-Flash". Should this file be missing you will have to replace it with either a backup or blank one. To restore it from a backup just rename the file to "valisig.dbf" and place it in the same directory. To replace it with a blank one, download the file below and extract it to your program files\Vali-Flash. Alternatively you can also install a blank database if you reinstall the software. This will not change any of your init codes.

Compatible with Windows 2000 and Windows XP