Dataman Vali-File 3.0 Different Signatures

When you are validating sets of files you can only select the CRC32, SHA-1 or CDCK. Then the database records both the SHA-1 and CRC32 even if you select just the SHA-1. Why is this and how are these signatures in the database calculated?

When you select “files in a single folder” or “files in a folder and subfolders”, you have the option to generate the Dataman CRC32, SHA1 or CDCK. Only one of those signature options may be selected by design. For maximum security select the SHA1.

A listing of files will appear with their corresponding signature to the right of the file name. These signatures are of the selected algorithm (CRC32, SHA1, CDCK). Once all of the file signatures have been calculated a final CRC32 and SHA-1 will be calculated and stored in the database of all of the other signatures. Please note that these signatures depend on the type of algorithm selected (CRC32, SHA1, CDCK). . This if you validate a folder with the CRC32 and then with the SHA-1 the final CRC-32 and SHA-1 signatures will be different. This is normal and is part of the design for Vali-File.

If this is a concern, you may add a comment to the comment field or make some notation on game name when you add the game to the database to indicate which algorithm was selected. There are no security reasons why this would be a problem and this operation is completely safe. The risk of a collision between SHA-1 and the Dataman CRC-32 is extremely unlikely and virtually impossible.