Dataman S4/S4 Validator Making A New Library ROM

It is possible to make a Library ROM directly from the library that is stored in the memory of your S4, that has all of your settings saved.

  • Insert a PROM* into the S4 ZIF socket, press FUNC then LIB the S4 will now display MAKE LIBRARY,press ENTER and S4 will copy the library and all current settings to its RAM between the address range 08000 and 0FFFF.
  • PROM and ROM have the same meaning in this document and stand for (Programmable) Read Only Memory - a chip in laymans terms.
  • You then need to burn this onto your chip. Press BURN and set the address range between 08000 and 0FFFF then press enter. S4 will now burn its current library and settings onto the PROM.

*The PROMS we use at Dataman to make these libraries are the ST 27C256B