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Dataman S4/S4 Validator Loading A New Library

Connect the S4 to the serial port of the PC and install and run the S4 driver software for windows available from the software section of this Website. Ensure that the baud rate of the S4 and the PC are set to the same values. This can be checked on the S4 by pressing SETUP followed by ENTER. S4 will display something like:

  • >SETUP
  • BAUD: 9600

The software libraries for S4 are in Intel Hex format so please ensure that S4 is set to receive Intel Hex as above.

When S4 is in this mode, the baud rate can be set by pressing the left and right arrows on the programmer keypad, the usual setting for a modern PC's serial port is 115200, so ensure that the S4 is set to this as well. You can check if your PC port is set to the same by going to the Preferences > Port Parameters (Ctrl + R).

S4/S4 Validator Screen Shot

Once this has been done, turn your S4 off and then on a couple of times whilst looking at the S4 software window on your PC. You should see exactly the same on the display of the S4 as you do on the driver software display. It will be something like:

  • Dataman S4
  • Lib 2.xx
  • 512K Bytes RAM

This now tells you that the S4 and the PC are talking to each other and you are now ready to transfer file between the two. Click Other on the menu bar of the Driver display, and then choose the Receive Library (F9) option, select the library file from its location on your PC, and then click on the open button on the S4Driver.

A dialogue box will appear on the PC where the Software is checking the integrity of the library file. The S4 will emit an abrasive modem like noise indicating a transfer is in progress. Once the library file has been received, a message box will appear on the Drivers display with the message 'Do you wish to start the library?' Click on the yes button in the message box on the S4Driver. The S4 unit will beep a number of times and the display will show the message 'Start Library'. Press the Enter button on the S4 and then turn the S4 off and then on. The S4 screen will now show the following:

  • Dataman S4
  • Lib 2.xx
  • 512K Bytes RAM