Dataman S4 PLCC-2020-01 Dead Bug Adapter

The adapter supplied by Dataman for use with 20 pin PLCC devices is the PLCC-2020-01. This type of adapter is known as a Dead Bug Adapter the name derives from the fact that any chip inserted into the adapters socket must be inserted (ignoring convention) upside down so that it is effectively lying on its back in the socket with its legs pointing upward at the sky, hence the name dead bug.

To ensure that your device is fitted correctly into the adapter please look at your PLCC device, the top of the device is the plastic area which has the manufacturers name, maybe a logo and the device number. The bottom of the device will usually have nothing on it at all.

Line the device up correctly in the adapter by making sure that the bevelled edge on the device matches the bevelled edge on the adapter, and then insert the device with the bottom facing up and the legs pointing up at the sky (see diagrams). If you have any further difficulties please submit our technical support form, or call +44 (0)1300 322903.

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