Dataman S4 File Splitting

I am trying to split a hex file between 2 4Meg chips, the information contained in the file is max 512Kbyte (HEX file size approx 1.5 Mbyte).

Hex files can be split directly on the S4 programmer or on a PC.

Splitting file on S4:

  • Press SPLIT
  • Burn 0000-3FFFF (256kbyte) onto first chip
  • MOVE 4000, 7FFFF, 0000
  • Burn 00000-3FFFF (256kbyte) onto second chip

You cannot split 1 Mbyte file (binary) on S4 because there is not enough RAM.

Splitting file on a PC:

  • Download and run file splitting software

(Size: 18.5 KB)
Version 1.07