Dataman Partners

Dataman, the home of the worlds leading device programmers is proud to be official ODM partners with Advantech Equipment Corp., Elnec and ETC.

Advantech Equipment Corp

Advantech Equipment Corp. (AEC) is a major device programmer manufacturer founded in 1990. Their products include intelligent universal programmers, turbo gang programmers and programming adapters.

Since 1990 they have shipped over 30,000 universal programmers.

Cross Reference Table    
AEC LabTool 48UXP Dataman 48UXP More Information >
AEC LabTool 848XP
Dataman 848XP
More Information >
AEC LabTool 48 Dataman 48 Discontinued / Replacement >
AEC LabTool 48LV Dataman 48LV Discontinued / Replacement >
AEC LabTool 48XP Dataman 48XP Discontinued / Replacement >
AEC LabTool 848 Dataman 848 Discontinued / Replacement >


Elnec was founded in 1991 and started with only three employees - at present the company has over 60 employees. At its conception, the company was oriented towards developing and manufacturing developer tools such as device programmers, emulators, simulators and logic analyzers. High quality device programmers are now their primary product.

Elnec pride themselves in offering high quality, well designed products, at very affordable and competitive prices. They provide an exceptional 3 year warranty for all their universal and gang programmers. The complete range of programmers is CE certified.

Cross Reference Table    
Elnec SmartProg2 Dataman 40Pro More Information >
Elnec BeeProg2C Dataman 48Pro2C More Information >
Elnec BeeProg2 Dataman 48Pro2 More Information >
Elnec BeeProg2AP Dataman 48Pro2AP More Information >
Elnec BeeHive204 Dataman 448Pro2 More Information >
Elnec BeeHive204AP Dataman 448Pro2AP More Information >
Elnec BeeHive208S Dataman 848Pro2 More Information >
Elnec SEEprog
More Information >
Elnec BeeProg Dataman 48Pro Discontinued / Replacement >
Elnec BeeProg+ Dataman 48Pro+ Discontinued / Replacement >
Elnec BeeHive4 Dataman 448Pro Discontinued / Replacement >
Elnec BeeHive4+ Dataman 448Pro+ Discontinued / Replacement >
Elnec BeeHive204AP-AU Dataman 448Pro2AP-AU Discontinued / Replacement >
Elnec BeeHive8S Dataman 848Pro Discontinued / Replacement >
Elnec MEMprog2 Dataman MEMPro Discontinued / Replacement >
Elnec PIKprog2 Dataman PIKPro Discontinued / Replacement >
Elnec T51prog2 Dataman T51Pro Discontinued / Replacement >


ETC s.r.o. is focused on the design and production of electronic devices primarily in the field of measuring, testing, controlling and computers. In addition they design software and firmware. The company was founded in 1996.

The activities of ETC can be divided into two groups:

  • Development, manufacturing and sale of PC based measuring devices of our own design
  • Design, development and production of devices from customer specifications. The devices are primarily in the area of control computers, communication computers, special adds-ons, OEM and embedded devices.

The company uses advanced technologies and parts in its design and manufacturing process. Digital logic is implemented by FPGAs and CPLDs. Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is widely utilized in the production process.

Cross Reference Table    
ETC M522 Dataman 522 More Information >
ETC M524 Dataman 524 More Information >
ETC M526 Dataman 526 More Information >
ETC M574 Dataman 574 More Information >
ETC M774 Dataman 774 More Information >
ETC M531 Dataman 531 More Information >