Dataman 48/48LV/48XP/48UXP POF File Support

What is a POF file and does the Dataman 48, 48LV, 48XP or 48UXP support it?

The Programmer Object File (.pof) is a binary file that was originally created by Altera's Quartus II and MAX-PLUS II compiler’s assembler module. This file contains the data used to program certain Altera devices. The file can also contain functional test vectors. These test vectors that will be used to test the device for correct programming and functionality.

When a POF file is selected, both the data to program the device and the test vectors (if included) are downloaded into the programmer. The Dataman 48, 48LV, 48XP and 48UXP programmers also have the ability to modify these vectors.

Please note that the actual Altera device must be selected first prior to seeing the Programmer Object File (.pof) file format displayed in the “Save File” or “Load File” dialog boxes.