Dataman 48 Versions And Their Software


There are 4 models of the Dataman 48 universal programmer:

  • 48
  • 48LV - Adds low voltage support
  • 48XP - Adds improved performance for high density FLASH parts, Windows XP support, continued device support
  • 48UXP - Adds USB connectivity, continued device support

Although the 48 and 48LV models are no longer supported the latest release of the software v4.67 is still available here. Both the 48 and 48LV are supported under this version of the software. The only difference being that you cannot program any of the low voltage (LV) parts if you have the 48.


All versions of the software are available from our website:

All versions of this software can be run without the hardware being connected to the PC. The software will revert to demo mode in this situation and some of the functions will not work for obvious reasons. Demo modes does let you select different devices from the support list and view their configuration options. You can also load files into the software and use the file handling options such as splitting the file into odd and even bytes and saving the file as a different format. Demo mode will give you a feel for the operation of the software before purchasing the programmer.


Before the new software is installed all existing software must be removed from the system. Please use the Add/Remove Programs feature found in Control Panel. Failure to do this may result in odd behaviour of the programmer and lead to failures in programmed devices.

All versions of this software must be run under the Administrator account when installed on Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP to function correctly.


The 48XP and 48UXP software is updated quarterly with added support of approximately 100 new devices with each update. As always these updates are available from our website.