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Model 900 Series Automated Handler

Quick Overview

Versatile handler by Exatron which automates programming, marking and inspection of devices in tape, tube and JEDEC trays. Model 900 utilises the latest Dataman universal programmers to offer super-fast programming and support for over 78,000 devices.

Model 900 Series is a fast and flexible automated programming system built to meet the demands of small-to-medium volume production programming.

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Model 900 Series Automated Handler

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  • Virtually “kit-less” - quick and easy changeover of Dataman socket adapters and pickup head tips
  • 1,000 UPH (with 10 sec. program time)
  • Moves 1 device at a time
  • 4 programming sockets, expandable to 8 (requires longer gantry)
  • 1 input/output JEDEC tray (up to 6 trays available)
  • Optional tube and/or tape input/output
  • Optional top and/or bottom-side vision
  • Optional laser marking
  • Dataman and Exatron software integrate seamlessly
  • CE marked
  • Small footprint

Model 900 Series Handler Specification

  • Throughput: up to 4,000 UPH (units per hour), depending on options
  • Device Size: 1.6 x 2.00mm to 75 x 75mm
  • Placement Accuracy: +/- 0.002” (+/- 0.05mm)
  • Placement Repeatability: +/- 0.002” (0.05mm)
  • Placement Force: Up to 20lbs (10,000g) force with standard pickup heads
  • CE marked

Positioning System

  • X-Y Drive System: Servo motor-driven lead screws
  • X-Y Axis Resolution: 0.002” (0.05mm)
  • X-Y Axis Max. Velocity: 48”/sec (122cm/s)
  • Z Drive System: Servo motor-driven lead screws (options up to 4 Z pickup heads)
  • Z Axis Resolution: +/- 0.002” (0.05mm)
  • Z Axis Repeatability: +/- 0.002” (0.05mm)
  • Theta Drive System: Precision stepper motor driven
  • Theta Axis Resolution: 0.1
  • Theta Axis Repeatability: +/- 0.1

Input Tape Option

  • Based on standard Hover Davis feeders
  • Snaps on/off for easy loading

Output Tape Option

Model 202 Tape and Reel

  • Tape width: 8mm-72mm
  • Tape pitch: 2mm-72mm
  • Output Reel size: 7”, 13” or 22” (18cm, 33cm or 56cm)
  • Carrier tape: all types
  • Cover tape: PSA and thermal seal
  • Built-in vision capability
    Pin 1 orientation
    Out of pocket, upside down, empty pocket
  • PC-controlled parameters
    Total pockets filled
    Seal method, timing, and tape speed
    Leader/trailer pocket count
    Automatic tape alignment
    +/- 2 C seal temperature control
  • Powered take up reel with slack/tension switch
  • Innovative carrier tape guide block aligns cover and carrier tape.
    Perfect seal every time, guaranteed

Input/Output JEDEC Tray Option

  • Contact Dataman, many input and output options available for devices in JEDEC trays

Input/Output Tube Option

  • Contact Dataman, many input and output options available for devices in tubes

Machine Vision Options

Bottom-Side Vision

  • Precision BGA, QFN, and leaded 3D inspections
  • Economical 2D inspection

Top-Side Vision

  • 1D or 2D barcode scanning on device and/or JEDEC trays
  • Optical character verification
  • Optical character recognition

Laser Marking Option

  • Easily integrate a wide range of OEM laser markers - CO2, 532nm, 1064nm
  • Mark in tray, no additional tooling required
  • CDRH class 1 enclosures
  • Contact Dataman for details

Serialization Option

  • Internal electrical ID and external laser mark serialization
  • Many variations, contact Dataman for details
  • Model 900 Series Handler
    • Dimensions: 120 x 170 x 80mm (44.5 x 67 x 32inches) without taper / 120 x 170 x 160mm (44.5 x 67 x 61.5inches) with taper (as shown)
    • Weight (approx): 272Kg (600lbs)
    • Operating voltage: 220-240 VAC 50Hz or 100-120 VAC 60Hz
    • Power consumption: max. 240W active

    The Model 900 Series automated handler comes with:

    • One Year Guarantee - One year parts and labor warranty, on the Model 900 Series handler
    • Life-Time Technical Support – Model 900 technical support is available free via Dataman and Exatron websites and telephone helpdesk for life.
    • Life-Time Software Updates – Model 900 software updates are available free via Dataman and Exatron websites for life.

    Required for operation:

    • Compressed Air (85 PSI @ 3 CFM clean, dry air)